Izip Electric Bikes

Problems with Izip electric bikes and bad service from Currie Technologies.

Another comment from a member of the forum regarding the Schwinn AL1020 (http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-440775.html):
I returned my Schwinn bike for a full refund ($630); the company that sold it to me replaced the bike once and finally reimbursed me. The first bike, the frame cracked right below the seat, the second bike the back wheel twisted out of shape and the front wheel assembly torque forward when using the front brakes. I’ve only been using that bike on the road in Toronto. I don’t recommend the Schwinn AL1020 Folding Electric Bike to anyone who is seriously considering getting to work safely over a respectable distance. The wheels are far too small (15″), making for a very unsteady and dangerous ride, the bike lacks back wheel suspension, the frame is poorly designed and the rims are not sturdy for the type of road commuting I’ve put it through.

I’ve tried to post my honest opinion at Canadian Tire, but my post never made it to publication. So i’m posting here. My honest opinion is, if you are thinking of commuting to work more than a few kilometers, do not buy the Schwinn AL1020.

To balance the above there are also happy customers:

This is my first video. I bought this electric folding bike to get me to work and I really like it. The bike weighs about 50 lbs and goes about 20 mph. You don’t need any kind of License or tag or anything to ride it. There is a new federal law that makes it street legal.

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52 thoughts on “Izip Electric Bikes

  1. I own a Pedego Electric Bike- I have never had problems with it. I searched for months trying to find a good quality electric bike and ended up getting a pedego and after seeing this I am glad that I did.

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