16 thoughts on “Lexus HB Concept 2WD pedal-assist, carbon-fiber racing bike

  1. @kaltsoplyn except who is actually going to use this? most rich folk haven’t actually heard of a bicycle, and low and middle class probably won’t want to spend thousands on a bicycle when they could get a car that doesn’t render itself useless in the rain/snow and can easily accommodate children and the weekly shop and yes carbon fiber makes physical sense. nothing really beats it in strength/rigidity to weight, but it also is incredibly expensive. business wise, non-sense. unfortunately.

  2. LOVE IT!!! This is a very interesting bike. Lexus released press on this today and I’d like to take it for a test ride. However I am not in the category of people that could actually afford this bike should it ever go into production.

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  4. full of excellent ideas.
    carbon fibre on an electric bike makes sense,
    belt drive deflected over chainstay,
    and yet perhaps the ugliest bike ever?!?

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