Looking for information on Voy electric bikes?

Question by Karen J: Looking for information on Voy electric bikes?
Any info on parts, etc. would be appreciated.

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Answer by Tom I
Try this link: http://www.scooter-site.net/voyelectricscooter.htm.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for information on Voy electric bikes?

  1. I dunno if brand name is Voy, but here in Tucson there is “Ajo bikes” (a store) that carries an electric bicycle with the motor in the hub of the front wheel! a cable runs out from the axle, to the control in the handgrip, and to the battery on the rear luggage type rack.
    I am thinking about buying just the front wheel assembly ($ 100 range) and install on my present bike.
    I think the complete bike all set up is like $ 400 range.
    1301 e ajo way, tucson, az. 85713
    i hope its legal to give out their address.
    Very trim design without all the gear clutter, but you can pedal the 10-speed (15? maybe) rear wheel.
    i’d give you more info but this question closes in a few hours.

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