Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter Reviews

Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter

  • Converts AC power to DC power for all types of small electronic products
  • Includes 7 different plug tips with storage compartment for use with different electronic products
  • Thermal Cut Off-protects against overloading
  • Exclusive Energy Star rating

PowerLine 0900-74 600mA Universal Adapter with Energy StarUNSPSC CodeUNSPSC Code :  39121006 

Rating: (out of 45 reviews)

List Price: $ 10.99

Price: $ 9.38

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5 thoughts on “Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter Reviews

  1. Review by PowerLine for Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter
    Unfortunately, the description for this product incorrectly states that it has a USB power port. We are trying to get Amazon to correct that. If you are in need of a universal adapter with a USB power port, try the PowerLine 0900-77 which is a 1300ma Universal Adapter with USB Power Port. It also has over twice the power capability of this adapter if you have higher demand devices to connect. If you only need USB power, then the PowerLine musicPower 0900-71 is an ideal solution and provides 2 USB power ports that can be used at the same time.

  2. Review by F. Y. for Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter
    Bought 3 at this great price.


    1. Verified with a multimeter that the voltage is very accurate.

    2. Used it on two of my Philips Mp3 CD players – plays excellently. I didn’t hear any unfiltered buzz sound with earphones – so the filtering is good. It could, however, have been adequate filtering inside my mp3 cd player. I can’t tell.

    3. Replaced my current cable modem power adapter (which is the non-switched power adapter, big, heavy and mildly hot when in use, and its output voltage is 17volts without load than the labeled 12volts). My modem works great and the power adapter is cool (not even mildly warm).

    At this price, it’s a great product for replacing lost/broken power adapters. Also saves energy/$$$ for non-switched adapters for long duration use.

    As a rule of thumb, at $0.10/kwh electricity price, a 1 watt non-switched adapter plugged in 24 hours a day for one year will cost you exactly $1 per year. A typical non-switched power adapters has no-load power consumption (energy waste) of 5-10 watts . That would cost you $5-10 to have it plugged in for one year.

    For my cable modem, which is plugged in almost 18 hours a day, consumes 12w when measured with a Kill-a-watt device, energy savings in a year and a half would pay for the adapter itself. Not to mention it would not make the room hotter. 😉

    Cons: input is 120v only. It would be much useful to be a 100-240v input. I strongly recommend add this feature. It would cost so little but making the adapter many times more useful for traveling.

  3. Review by Big Al for Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter
    You can use this AC adapter for a variety of electronic gadgets, eliminating the need of disposable batteries. It is not a charger and hence not for devices with rechargeable batteries. The price is very reasonable. I bought one of the same brand in a store over 1-1/2 years ago and it is still working perfectly. So I expect this new one to last awhile.

    There are 5 voltage settings: 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, and 12V. It comes with 7 interchangeable plugs of various sizes, secured in a storage bar. There is a “Plug Tips Storage” box attached to the adapter. It slides in and out of a slot on the side. The storage bar, with the plugs attached, does not fit into the storage box. To use the box, you have to remove the plugs from the bar. A green light turns on when the adapter is plugged in.

    Before you install a plug onto the cord, you need to find out the polarity of your device; it is either tip positive or tip negative. You can usually find the information right next to the power socket of your electronic device. If not, you will have to experiment a little. Install the plug by lining up the + or – symbol with the word “Tip” on the plug receptor of the cord. If the adapter doesn’t work, don’t panic. Reverse polarity and try again. The wrong polarity usually will not harm your device in most cases, but it is probably better to obtain the polarity information ahead of time.

  4. Review by Malibu F. for Power Line 0900-74 600-mA Universal AC-DC Adapter
    I needed a power adapter for a portable CD player that I used at work w/ speakers. I wanted to get it cheaply. This fit the bill, and has worked without problems. I simply selected the voltage (which was indicated right on my player – it should be printed on most electronic items, so don’t guess) and picked which plug fit.

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