What do you riders out there think of the new ‘Electric’ Dirt Bikes? ?

Question by the big kx: What do you riders out there think of the new ‘Electric’ Dirt Bikes? ?
Cool concept or just and eco-friendly fad?

Legit answers im using up points for this.

http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/ < -- Company that makes specifically electric bikes. I also saw a couple of months ago in a dirt bike magazine ( I believe it was inside motocross) that Honda had made a CRF 250 electric. What are your thoughts? Best answer:

Answer by rough_neck74
We spend alot of time running around to motocross tracks all year..And I think for a motocross racer…That bike would last about an hour..tops. For a kid riding around in a parking lot it might last a long time..But a kid racer will break it..

Wow…over $ 8000 dollars for one…..NO THANKS

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “What do you riders out there think of the new ‘Electric’ Dirt Bikes? ?

  1. Well i do agree with the first answerer

    The bikes would be fun for riding around the street on them hot summer nights but i wouldnt do anything serious on it

    i mean they look like fun but would you race em??

    ..thought not

    So far i have only seen them Zero one but i wanted to get one but its to expensive and plus shipping to Australia….geeeesss

    i havent seen the Honda electric one but ill keep a look out for it

    I higly doubt that it will be the future of Dirtbikes but it will add some more fun to it

  2. Probably good fun for just mucking around on, but the thought of a 2 day mx race event with around 500 riders all attempting to re charge their bikes sort of makes it a non event for competition. It’s bad enough when you forget to charge the transponder and have to find a power point.

  3. Obviously right now there would be power (charging) concerns but if for some EPA reason an electric bike was the only option, charging issues would be addressed (necessity is the father of invention). Anyone that read the article about the CRF250 conversion would have to admit this is serious business. This thing is not a play toy, it is a serious race machine. As someone who races not only motocross but battery powered RC stadium trucks I realize the power potential of a battery powered motor. Yeah, I would race one.


  4. Not long ago – my view would have been very much the same as the previous answers –

    However – at the rate in which technology progresses nowadays – I wouldn’t be at all surprised !

    I guess marketing could be the biggest problem though – even if it were competitively on a par – I wonder just how many would be willing to swap ??

    It sort of takes away a bit of the ‘macho’ that we relate to Motocross and that wonderful ‘aromatic perfume’ – that many of us crave !!

    But I certainly agree with XYZ – this is not a toy but serious business – and NOT to be ‘sniffed’ at !!

    ‘Lekkie Heads’ – doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as ‘Petrol Heads’ though does it ??

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  6. What all you non believers fail to realize is that the current electric bikes are competing in a fuel bike arena, if you raced a fuel bike in an arena that is suitable for an electric bike you would be blown away, we made an extreme enduro type track i.e. tight twisty with lots of obsticals placed relatively close together and guess what all the petrol bikes were stalling and not doing much the Quantya bike rode circles around them. http://youtu.be/6XTDF2yA94I
    Check this video out.

    Rob Montgomery

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