X-Treme Scooter with lithium powered electric bicycle (B) Comments

X-Treme Scooters Electric Bicycle with Lithium cells driven (B)

  • This new model is able to travel much further than the XB-600 due to the lightweight Lithium Technology
  • With gas prices these days Electric modes of transport to a “of more popular / li>
  • as E-bikes have a pedal system, there is no need for a driver’s license
  • > If you were the law, you may be able to ride this bike any place bicycles fishing

  • must affordable compared to conventional methods. The XB-700Li is both stylish and affordable
  • X-Treme XB-700Li Power Assisted Bike / Bicycle has a 700-watt motor, rear wheel hub (Canada models plus a 500-watt motor) similar to our XB-600 model, instead of lead acid batteries our (Li)-Available in two colors (blue, silver and black and silver). Lithium line 26 uses lightweight lithium-ion batteries that have a number LiMn04 up to 7-10 years!

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    List price: EUR 1,599.00
    Price: $ 1,580.99

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    One thought on “X-Treme Scooter with lithium powered electric bicycle (B) Comments

    1. review cahjk X-Treme Scooters Electric Bicycle with Lithium cells driven (B)
      It was a great buy for my 14 years, of course, my husband and I like it too. I expected a little moan the little power wheels child, but this bike is very quiet. The only issue we had with the bike was, as we bike charger was mistakenly loaded the bike was not set. We contacted x-treme and they helped us by phone. It was a great value. If you drive a child yet, but tickets for what is good for them or if you work the feel of a scooter, but not the cost of this electric bicycle is the trick. We believe this bike to go to 35-40 miles on a charge, if you have no headlights. We do not know how to handle the spotlight. We believe that the battery a little faster empty, but we do not have the distance using the headlights all the time. My family loves this bike. Why did not they something cool when I was little to be done? I’m so jealous of my daughter.

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