X-Treme Scooters Electric Powered Bicycle XB-500

X-Treme Scooters environmentally friendly electric powered bicycle scooter moped. This electric bike is street legal everywhere and no drivers license or registration is need to drive it.

X-Treme Scooters XB-508 Electric Power Assisted Bicycle as shown with four 14 AMP batteries & a 550 watt brush less rear hub motor powers this scooter moped up to 20 MPH with no drivers license or registration needed to operate anywhere in the USA.
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43 thoughts on “X-Treme Scooters Electric Powered Bicycle XB-500

  1. @ubersecretrapist : Assuming it’s like UK spec models, If you bank hard enough to clip the pedals, your head will ‘clip’ the ground pretty soon after! The tyres & suspension aren’t made for cornering. They’re not performance bikes but as short range urban commuters they rock.

    I tested mine against a car on a 6 mile rush-hour trip using GPS. The bike averaged 12MPH which sounds lame, but standing traffic meant that the car averaged just 2MPH more. Fuel for the car, approx £1, for the bike, 5p.

  2. @smamann Yes, you can easily and quickly remove the pedals if you would like. They are not required to ride this scooter. Please look at our XB-502 model on x-tremescooters dotcom because this model has been replaced with the newer 502 model.

  3. Anyone that’s bought an E-bike or plans to, if you send me a msg with your email I’ll email you a 2 page doc you can print out & carry with you to show anyone who DARES tell you they’re illegal!

    We e-bikers need to stick together. 😉

  4. i would like to thank you partcentpc for all your help and i will call one soon. thumbs up all the way for the support!

  5. Sure. At this point the best thing to do for you would be to contact an X-Treme Scooter dealer. You can locate one on the main website at X-Tremescooters then click on locator in the upper right corner and a dealer can answer the rest of your questions.

  6. thank you partcenpc but all myne says is that Through Texas’s motorcycle helmet law (bicycle helmet laws from city ordinances), it is only required for those 21 years old or younger to wear a helmet. but no age restrictions or minmum age can you help me.

  7. Go to Wiki Pedia.org then search for Electric Bicycle Laws, here you will find of the laws for all of the states in the USA. Youtube would not allow me to paste in the link so you will have to do the search on your own on google or using your address bar in your browser.

  8. hello partcentpc i was wondering if there was a age restriction and what it was if there is one thank you.

  9. in the united states, federal law states an electric bike must be 750watts or less. must have functional pedals and it can go no faster than 20mph on level ground with a 170Lb rider. any faster or more powerful requires a drivers licence. over 30mph and/or over 1500 watts (2hp) requires a motorcycle endorsement.

  10. This is the way to go for your short commutes, school, etc. I ride mine to the office which is close – I am the envy up there. They call me Mr. Green. Got it at xtremescooters4u and they shipped it right away. About the price of a decent bike, so its a no brainer. And yes, its considered a bike, not a moped or motorcycle.

  11. Actually, you can mod any of the XB product line. You can swap out hub motors, controllers, better and/or more batteries, install DC-DC converters and audio equipment, and the same shunt mod that works on DIY 36 / 48 volt eBikes will work on the XB bikes too (gives better hill climbing, but it drains the battery pack faster)

  12. Anyone that’s bought an E-bike or plans to, if you send me a msg with your email I’ll email you a 2 page doc you can print out & carry with you to show anyone who DARES tell you they’re illegal!

    We e-bikers need to stick together. 😉

  13. Yes that is probably true, in Germany you probably do need a license, the manufacture also needs to have EEC approval. We are the manufacture of these e-bikes, if there is anyone in a European country that wants these e-bikes, we can get the EEC needed. We also have EEC on our electric motorcycles for all of Europe.

  14. @klassenj01

    Pedals is needed when you climb up a hill. These assist the motor when the percentage of the degrees of the hill is up to 20. The absence of these pedals can do hot the motor because you are not in measure to assist it when it is necessary to do it.

  15. to galburey,the govenor is located in the right handle bar,its a white plug in like a phone cord or ethernet cable type deal.dont have to take nothing apart just unplug it.

  16. you can unplug the govenor by the handlebars and it will go 30+ mph,i bought one for 130$ new at a going outve business sale

  17. for ppl living in NJ like me to ride this thing legally you have to keep the pedals on and go to the extreme website and print out the federal law sheet. This way if cops pull you over show that to them and you’ll be fine

  18. I just bought one form the Scooter Net Store on the web. They ship right to your door and they are dirt cheap. The scooters smoke the Gopeds right out of the box!

  19. Sorry…. It’s an e-bicycle, not a scooter. There is no license needed to ride a power assisted bicycle.

  20. No license needed although you should ask your locals to be sure there are no restrictions. It is not a vehicle so you cannot license it anyways, it’s a scooter.

  21. in Canada you need to have the pedals on for it to be considered a bicycle. Then you don’t need a license or to insure it.

  22. In NJ and NY you can get a scooter registration at your DMV I am told. As for power assisted bicycles, if you have your pedals on they cannot arrest you for riding a bicycle. If you don’t explain the pedals, you might get some problems from someone that does not know.
    You cannot register it as a moped because it’s NOT a moped, it’s a power assisted bicycle and it’s classified as just that.

  23. I have 2 of these and almost got arrested for riding them in new jersey so yes you do need a moped lisense to ride these

  24. This XB-508 falls in lower than the moped laws your looking at because it’s an electric power assisted bicycle, not an electric moped, reason for this is that it has pedals. There is no VIN number, no need for a license plate, no need for a drivers license, the max speed for e-bicycles is not suppose to be more than 20 MPH and we advertise this as 20 MPH, it cannot have more than 750 watts of power, this one has 550 watts and the brake horse power is far less than 1.5

  25. i live in nj and here are the laws

    A motorized bike (moped) is a pedal bicycle with a helper motor and is exempt from inspection requirements. For a vehicle to qualify as a moped, it must meet all four of the following conditions:

    * Be classified as a pedal bicycle
    * Have a motor with less than 50 CCs
    * Cannot have more than 1.5 brake horsepower
    * Maximum speed cannot be greater than 25 MPH on a flat surface

    so would i need a license to operate it?

  26. There is no age requirement that I know of. Generally, you need to follow the same laws that are in place in your state for bicycles since this is simply a power assisted bicycles.

  27. I’ve seen people riding regular bycicles on the busy streets, but they look older like 20 – 25 in age. Is there a age requirement for riding on the street in Iowa? I’ve also seen the 500 model on the road, he looked like he was around the same age.

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