Zero Electric Motorcycles Buzzing Around

Zero has unveiled its 4 models of 2010, see for the full story.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Phil Smage tries out the Zero Electric Motocross bike at the AMSOIL Sandbox Arena. Filmed by Luke Parmeter of
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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41 thoughts on “Zero Electric Motorcycles Buzzing Around

  1. This is awesome. I love the near-silent and exhaust-less operation. Just imagine busy streets that are quiet and not engulfed in fumes. It is rather sad that in a country like the US, where innovation and technological advancement were so highly prized, one sees comments such as “junk” and “gayer than Prius”.

  2. I see an ad on the top right corner that asks, “Is Obama empty of excuses for high gas prices?” To whoever wrote that, it’s not Obama, it’s the Republican Congress, who will make sure nothing is done about it. EVs are part of the answer, but our government is very unfriendly to them. Even for those who want them, it’s going to be very hard, and expensive, to do here.

  3. No one ever hears bikes coming anyway, you only ever notice a bike once it’s passed you and the exhaust is pointing at you.
    Besides, when you are on a bike your own noise cuts out any sound of others.

  4. @KadywhompasKevin I agree with you on the range but in my opinion sound isnt needed. This video is deceiving these motorcycles make more noise than is hear here. But to say that they need more sound is silly. Maybe the world just needs less noise emissions before we all go deaf.

  5. Not a horrible looking bike, but that range really needs to increase, and some type of noise needs to be made. No doubt about that. But it’s a good start.

  6. for most motorists the primary notification is sight not sound, you can be passed by a street bike on the freeway and not hear it too. A headlight on is a good safety feature also and high visibility wear is advised. No different to riding a pedal cycle. Actually the worst danger is pedestrians not cars in a city. When there is no sound you are more aware of your own surroundings too and can ride more defensively as you are not drowned out by your own bike noise.

  7. not only does this make no impact on making the environment cleaner, but it also makes no noise. so now, not only can other motorists not see you, they also can’t hear you, meaning, much much greater chance for them to hit you and likely kill you. great thinking Zero.

  8. and now something 2-/4-strokes and electrical bike riders can come together for one common hatred, global warming! ;)

  9. I’ve never seen zero claim “up to 8 hours” or is that more “sarcasm”? Nor does it take “up to 6 hours” to charge (unless that’s more sarcasm). It takes 2 hours to recharge this one and up to 3 hours to recharge the current one. You can swap batteries in under a minute and if you’ve got two you can charge one while the you ride the other. If you buy the extra charger then it’s an hour and a half. The controls are standard motorcycle and no harder to break than any other.

  10. We, as in the company i work for tested them along with the quantya model they say up to 8 hours of ride time not true you get 2 hours at the most before it struggles to maintain speed and yea it doesn’t take 16 hours to recharge i was being sarcastic because it takes up2 6 hours. i’m not downing the bike i think they are fun but everything is really cheaply made and the controls are easy to break like i said a few more years and it will be better no need to get your panties in a bunch.

  11. There must have been something wrong with the “A guys” then.  It’s about the same weight as an 85 and about double the horsepower.

  12. You might not like them, but that’s just a straight out flat lie. What’s the point of posting something that is so easy to refute? This one is under 3 hours to recharge. The 2012 one is 3.1 hours or 2 hours with the optional quick charger. Why say “16 hour charge time”? Do you have some sort of vested interest?

  13. You dumb fucks are so annoying. Quit hating on these things as Not just liberals for Environment like them. I am far more country then you ever will be, and Have owned more ATV’s and More Dirt bikes then any of you ever will. and I love the Idea of Electric. As its fucking Cheaper and is very powerful (Maybe not this one). Pretty soon ( Real soon) these things will abso fucking lutely blow the doors off a Gas Bike. So you idiots need to shut the fuck up

  14. I dont know guys i wouldnt mind a silent ride after zing zing zing zing zing of a two stroke ll day and vroom (ballsy) sound of a 4 stroke all day.

    plus when the electric bikes start flaming the petrol ones whatcha gonna do.

  15. We got to test this bike as well as the swiss made one and they both are crap the battery life is 2 hours tops with a 16 hour charge time they are not worth the money great idea but until they develop a better battery that is more rugged and controls that wont break so easy it just is not worth it maybe in a few more years..

  16. when batteries become a bit cheaper I think these bikes could do alot for the sport, Average people that like the to ride dirt bikes but don’t have the time or money to do rebuilds and all the maintenance on traditional bikes. what more can you want. E bikes will get much faster given time and development

  17. The Music Sucks, Just like your prius bike~!!@@! Please,
    remove this video from youtube. It’s Offensive~!@!@

  18. That’s just soooo gay, I think I’m going to puke.~!!!!
    I’ll run you over, if I see you riding that gay little cousin’
    to the prius. Stop trying to re-create the wheel. Oh, I am
    going to be sick, gotta’ go puke, thanks you liberal homo’s~!!!@@

  19. i agree sounds makes a big differance in bikes you know its mean when you hear not when you see it

  20. bro, i would rather my kx450 with a shit load a power then an electric bike, idk bout you guys but to me, i like my bike to SOUND powerful as it ISS powerful, instead of having an electric bike that may have the same poer as my bike, but definitly doesnt sound like it.

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