Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)

Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)

A step-by-step guide to building an electric motorcycle from the ground upWritten by alternative fuel expert Carl Vogel, this hands-on guide gives you the latest technical information and easy-to-follow instructions for building a two-wheeled electric vehicle–from a streamlined scooter to a full-sized motorcycle. Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle puts you in hog heaven when it comes to hitting the road on a reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly bike. Inside, you’ll find complete d

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List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 14.57

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5 thoughts on “Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)

  1. Review by R. Lang for Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)
    This book should have been titled “Electric Components and their History”. Over 300 pages and most is about the components and their inner workings. Like what is inside a battery. Most of the batteries and motors are not even what you would use for a Motorcycle. The last chapter titled “The Build” is just a few more pictures from the first chapter. If you want to know about electric components this is the book for you. If you want to build an Electric Motorcycle forget it this is anything but that book. Very disappointing I expected to build a motorcycle not study history, most of which was outdated. Even reporting on the EV1 being distroyed, how long ago was that? This is a reprint not an update.

  2. Review by Paper mate for Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)
    Pictures and illustrations too small or otherwise unreadable, page after page of irrelevant information like; battery recycling, steam powered bikes and sketchy electric bike history.

    The information on I.C. motorbike efficiency and fuel consumption is way too inaccurate.

    There’s not enough information on current battery technology, and current battery powered bikes – like the TTXGP race bikes.

  3. Review by bookscdsdvdsandcoolstuff for Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)
    This book is not very good, IF one has read Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

    This book takes the same information and applies it to the motorcycle. However, whole chapters from the old book are essentially copy pasted into this one, including typos. Furthermore, the information I would have wanted, like plans for the motorcycle, are totally absent.

    What a disappointment!

    I do recommend “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.” It is a good book, although poorly edited. This volume on the other hand gives us absolutely no new information and is essentially the same book, applied to motorcycles.

    Definitely not worth the purchase price in my opinion.

  4. Review by Sarah L. Currie for Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)
    This book is a 2009 edition,it has exactly the same EV info,as a 20 year old book I already own,Except not as good.

    Full of history,good and bad points,A huge section on saving the planet,Also huge section on each part,ie history,how,and why it works,also make your own descission what to buy ?.

    Promises of a fast or long range or all round bike,Answer work it out your self ?.The build section,or what I did as a lad,small blurry,black and white pictures,less than 10 pages,of an 800lbs bike,that does’nt go very far or mildly fast, Disappointed,I expected the latest info,and a large part of the book to be the build,of a resent project,Not some old gezzers memoirs, I really do not care that sir Issac,got hit on the head,by an apple,I do not need to no the inner workings,history of each and every part,I want a recent build,with recent parts,for an all round bike,ie 65 mph longest range I can get,with the lightest bike possible.

  5. Review by Kevin M. Shea for Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides)
    If you are serious about making an electric motorcycle, I would say this should be your first book. You must build a better bike, and to do that you should understand the fundamentals. Know what your wizards did (and failed to do) and you will actualize on your dream faster.

    It is a 300 page book not only about electric components (inner workings in detail) and their history, but also a guide as to what choices you would need to make when designing your own personal motorcycle. It is not about making choices for you, but more about the grocery store out there for you to design your own bike. He provides, simple to understand, concise information on the strengths and limitations on each one. I was particularly entertained by the candid stories that demonstrated his failures in choosing wisely. I also was pleasantly suprised by his style of writing that exhibits a personality that I would want to see in a teacher–approachable, inviting, and in regard to his content, concise and detailed. I would certainly recommend that a digital book update be made available or a website be created so that the readers could extend on his book. Or perhaps the author can start a free podcast to discuss newer technology such as the batteries, that are always being updated.

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