Heated Motorcycle Glove liners, Venture Battery Powered Heated Glove Liners

Heated motorcycle glove liners with no cords attached! This video of the Venture Battery Powered Heated Glove Liners show off how cool these battery operated glove liners really are. Get yours today at JC Motors – Where Riders Get Deals! www.jcmotors.com
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The Killacycle broke records at the AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing Association) Grand Finale in Las Vegas. Susan, the vidograper, caught driver Scotty Pollacheck’s beautiful burn out and 8.76 second quarter-mile run. Carefully watch the end of the track when the powerful A123 M1 batteries burn out one of the overloaded motors, sending sparks onto the track and a ball of glowing plasma high over the right guardrail.

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13 thoughts on “Heated Motorcycle Glove liners, Venture Battery Powered Heated Glove Liners

  1. Lobbed a grenade right at the end of the run,useful for blowing off the cops if they’re still up with you(highly unlikely though). Man if the crims understand this,they would be driving electric getaway cars. You’d manage to escape every time.

  2. ok does this bike seirously run on 123 batteries like my shurefire ? or is it some type of battery you made and named it a 123?

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