Mission One: Testing, Tear Down, Travel…to the TTXGP

Mission Motors has sparked the evolution of motorcycles with the 100% electric Mission One. Engineered and built with a passion for motorcycling, the Mission One is track-tested and soon to be race-proven as the bike and team head to the Isle of Man for the worlds first clean emission grand prix. For more information on Mission Motors visit: www.ridemission.com Music courtesy of TAARGÜS TAARGÜS: www.myspace.com

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12 thoughts on “Mission One: Testing, Tear Down, Travel…to the TTXGP

  1. There is not enough rare earth magnets in the whole world, and you can’t make them. one reason the US stopped selling them this year to China. who was trying to buy it up.

    Somebody very smart, better find a new motor design, that does not need them and soon! I designed a electric car that recharges from solar panels, while parked. Free recharge and don’t need to build $ 100B utility system

  2. So you know, it matters not how your electricity is made. It’s still heaps more efficient to run your vehicles on electricity. Power stations are more efficient at making power than a car engine, and with electricity, you don’t lose 30% in the transmission. Electricity is the way Forward. Petrol is just Clinging to the Past, which stops us seeing the future we could have.

  3. Very interesting but can you ride one in the rain? I haven’t able to find any claims or tech facts on these things yet

  4. I’m a huge bike racing fan and when I first heard of the ttxgp I wasnt sure if I liked the idea or not, the more I see though the more I find it fascinating. Can’t wait to see it and good luck to the mission team in the gp.

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