What do you think of electric motorcycles?

Question by Jasin: What do you think of electric motorcycles?
The Mission One by Mission motors can go 150 miles on a single charge and goes 150 mph.

The MotoCzysz E1pc is a pretty amazing bike as well. It went 0-120 in under 11 seconds on the dyno.

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Answer by robbo
i think thats sick i would buy one but id rather buy a proper bike or a dirt bike

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5 thoughts on “What do you think of electric motorcycles?

  1. while buying electric bike always chek the battery cost after first set of batteries expires.

    at present we don’t have good batteries for automobiles and it costs a lot also.

    we try to save on oil but we forget the cost of batteries.

    but if you are invironment lover and don’t care about cost on your pocket, then please go for electric bike only.

  2. Prototype electric bikes, of no practical use. Main purpose is to get investment money to live on while you play games with something that will never sell. The Race they competed in was between electric bikes only — they cannot compete against even a stock cruiser.

    Batteries are *heavy* and *expensive*. You will notice, no where do they ever mention the weight of their motorcycles. The tiny Lithium Ion battery in my laptop computer costs $ 100 to replace. The weight of the batteries means that you are using far more energy and power than if you had a small lightweight bike.

    It gets worse.

    You know how, on your cell phone or laptop, you get less and less time on a re-charge. The batteries are only good for 300-500 full cycle recharges. For a commuter motorcycle that means each month you ride your range will be decreasing. You will be recharging more often, shortening battery life even quicker. You will not even have full use of the batteries as the range will drop below usable before they are completely used up. At least once a year you will have to replace your battery pack. Your custom built battery pack. What you cannot ride without. The item that the manufacturer will be making it’s profit off. Probably a couple of thousands of dollars.

    Thrills me not at all.

  3. STUPID IDEA! I dont give a fat rats ass about the planet,the environment,or the earth.Everything that starts also must end.Simple scientific logical fact.Start looking for a new planet!

  4. These are rich kid toys.
    One practical electric bike model (I forget the name) will do 50 mph, has a 350 mile range and the batteries are supposed to last ten years. Even this bike costs 11K USD. I understand you could buy three Ninja 250s for that kind of money.
    They’ll become cheaper, as does all new tech, in time.

    If I lived in the big city I’d ride one but I think they are not practical commuters where I live, now.

  5. It’d be weird to blast up the road and not hear your engine and nobody else will hear you coming. Electric bikes are coming but the tech is still too new. Wait for battery tech to improve. Should be cool though, an electric motor of any given horsepower will out perform any gas engine of the same rating. It doesn’t have to wait until the revs come up to get all that power, With electrics its 100% all the time. And the revs will continue to climb as long as it has enough battery.

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