+5kit installed on stock razor electric pocketbike mykwilwin

razor pocket bike with .49 +5 wire adapter 20mph from mykwilwin use a 7cell or 8cell and get 23+mph also any 6-7-8 cell ni-cd or ni-mh battery will do, my battery is a 6cell 3000 mah, you can use any rc 10th scale sub-c sized 1200 mah to 5000mah and 6-7 or 8 cell rc packs with tamiya connectors… dont use 2/3 sized or lipo also keep battery in the air flow when riding as they get hot and let cool before recharging

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43 thoughts on “+5kit installed on stock razor electric pocketbike mykwilwin

  1. @MrJordanslick it is a adapter that i make and sell that allows you to easily add a r/c battery pack for additional speed

  2. @techdeckman09 ive mountain several different ways depending on the bike.. my red bike the magnet is stuck on the sprocket on my early honda minimoto’s i glued with 5minute epoxy the valve stem cap or rim edge and the factor should be around 0798

  3. @techdeckman09 mine was for a bike.. i just put a screw though the winshield into the speedo to mount then the wire and sensor i used zip ties… you need to figure the wheel factor so it will read correctly

  4. @MrScooterkiller yea looks good from x-treem, same comp. as the xp700-707 and with a slightly bigger motor sprocket can go over 30 no problem with 48volts

  5. @MrScooterkiller for the money these are great, your weight is idea for these so could climb a medium grade hill i suppose

  6. hey mykwilwin do you think a pb200 razor pocket rocket can take me up a hill i way 95 pounds and can i race with this

  7. I installed 2 +5 kits and put 2 7.2 volt 6cell 2000mag batterys and it turned on put would not go do you know why

  8. i have one it goes like 15 miles per hour its kewl and that dont seem fast its a croud pleaser i ride down town and people get a laugh and sum r like holy crap wat is dat thing im like pocket rocket and i say hay its better than running and faster im 13 and little 8 9 and 10 year olds should not ride it and im not fat but i weigh 115 and its still cool but i have like 10 different scooters so u know how dat is but if ur a teen and hate walking and crap i would highly recomend it

  9. I was thinking about getting 1 4 my 12th birth day I’m 5 foot 5 and I’m about 125 pounds but now I think I’m gonna break this cheap ass toy

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