24 thoughts on “Mini moto dirt bikes

  1. wow.. are they running on just petrol? they’re smoking way too much! try mixing it with some 2stroke oil

  2. Of cause it’s got a clutch, if It didn’t the rear wheel would spin at the same rpm as the engine as soon as it starts up, it’s called a centrifugal clutch!!!! As the rpm on the engine builds the centrifugal force causes springs to expand, this then allows the friction plate on the clutch to engage the clutch bell,

    Also if you have the police style it’s the road style, don’t use it on grass, the reason the your breaking it all the time is that the slick road tyres won’t get traction, this mean

  3. are these made for grass or dirt ?, cause i got a mini moto the police one, and it keeps on getting messed up, the clutch goes when i ride it on grass ?

  4. Mine dirt bike is 100 cc and its really faster…im having fun with it and my friends…its so cool to have it..

  5. ok do u mean 40 mph or kph? if i weight 140 how fast do u think i could go on one, im planning to buy one

  6. lol i would of burnt it down there my doing like 50cc not tht fast but looks it when ur on it i love thm bikes:)…

  7. Allright mate, were do you ride them? On public land or? Because im getting min moto quad and im gunna ride it on public land…. Ever been caught if so what happened? Cheers

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