Question about pocket-bikes (electric mini-motorcycles)?

Question by Aida: Question about pocket-bikes (electric mini-motorcycles)?
I live in California- Does anyone know if I can ride it around my neighborhood? or where is it legal to ride it???

Best answer:

Answer by akala123
well just ride it around your block not on the main street sidewalks!

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3 thoughts on “Question about pocket-bikes (electric mini-motorcycles)?

  1. in india electric bike can be ride by any one without helmet,papers,etc
    because its not give more power
    i think u drive yur bike on road but should be wear yur helmet is u new

  2. you only could ride it in !YOUR OWN PROPERTY! not in !PUBLIC STREETS!

    but i just to ride mine and the cops did not really care about it just ride it in a street that has a little bit of cars passing by

  3. Pocket or mini motorcycles, whether gas or electric are not street legal and should never be operated on the street. Motorists have extreme difficulty seeing and recognizing full size motorcycles and as a result many motorcyclists are injured or killed. Many areas have tracks that are dedicated solely to pocket bike riding.

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