Electric ATV

Today i am giving you guys a look at my electric ATV, An XA 1000 purchased online from “Extreme Scooters” for around 1100$ …. They SAY it will go 15 miles a charge…..yet i think 10 is closer to being realistic….which for me is fine. I just use this in my yard & when i do its never more than an hour or so. This is the cool part, it WILL do 35 mph….on level ground or downhill….which is fast enough to get you killed …..yes….that is what makes these things fun….knowing they are dangerous enough to break your neck & pushing them to their limits lol….seriously though….these little things are dangerous because of the combination of those two factors….being small & fast…..as you can easily flip them…..which i have done several times. Now let me get this out right up front……the quality control on these things are crapola…..seriously….i mean….they ARE made in China. I rank this as somewhere between a toy & a “real ATV”…. if you want a quality machine there are other electric ATV’s available that are much nicer…..but of course they cost much more. And that is the beauty of this thing…..that …..for an ATV…it does not cost much….and……if anything goes wrong with them…..repair is cheap & pretty easy. Because you do it yourself, thats right……you just order the parts online & “get’er done” …..i think thats pretty cool. Now…..what are they good for?……FUN !! ….. thats about it…..dont expect to be using one of these to
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12 thoughts on “Electric ATV

  1. That’s different. I think I’d still rather have the roar of an internal combustion engine of some sort, the whole silent thing doesn’t seem very satisfying. But that’s just me and I’ve never ridden one of these. Just saying n

  2. @halo6853 Gmorning & happy 4th !
    I got this online @ Extreme scooters….that was about 3 years ago now, & it’s still running good on the original battery ! … Hey check out the latest Hammacher Schlemmer catalog….. the have an all terrain electric bike & it looks pretty bad ass….. yet it is priced … $9,700 … too high for me to buy. Have a good one.

  3. Well i found this online at Extreme scooters, cost was around 1,000. They ship it in a big wooden crate & some assembly is needed, yet is NP. If you can afford it i would get a different/better one as the build quality is poor as is customer service. I have had mine for about 3 years now & it is still going on the original battery, so if properly cared for you will have better results.

  4. the only thing i dont like about electric vehicles is that i love to hear the raw sound of a v8 engine or and can am outlander just roar

  5. I think he’s a ninja… If so, NEVER ever ask a ninja “why do you have a sword?”, or they will show you! HIYA CHOP! lol

    BTW that little sucker really scoots!

  6. Cool beans Albinowolf 🙂 let me know how you like the scooter….perhaps post a clip so we can see it? …..i am already looking forward to spring so i can ride my little green “thing”….lol too much ice & snow out there now.

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