EVS e force – Most Powerful Electric ATV Ever!!

The first electric zero emission, adult sized ATV with adult sized power and torque for extreme terrain. The e.Force’s mega torque electric drive system has more than three times the torque of similar sized gas ATV!!! The EVS e.Force E-ATV climbs any mountain You can find limited only by tire traction and rider willingness to challenge the extreme. It’s direct drive electric motor is a power junkies dream come true. The EVS E-ATV is power-packed and pollution free!!

www.motorcycle-usa.com Motorcycle USA gets an exclusive test ride on the Barefoot Motors EUV M-1 zero emissions electric ATV in the hills outside of Ashland, Oregon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “EVS e force – Most Powerful Electric ATV Ever!!

  1. @ElectricVision1 And before that 20-25, say around 16-17 miles does it start running slow as hell? If it dies or is near dead how long do I have to charge it before I would have to ride it again?

  2. More torque than a similiar size gas engine but what is the range on one of these? If its less than a tank of gas on a similar machine I would be dissapointed. Also, when it starts getting low on charge does it start to lose power? As in slow and weak driving?

  3. @apunkfromatl Except for the fact that the initial difference in price will never be made up and these things are less powerful and have a shorter range. So have fun.

  4. Hell Yea! You dumbasses can keep riding those gas hogs! I’m getting one of these! NO MORE PAYING $3 A GALLON FOR GAS OR FUMES FROM GAS!!

  5. @ownagexx3 hey man thats just how it is, technology is advancing, gotta jump on the train dude. what you gonna do when all the petrol is gone? we gonna ride on some quite power wheels. thats what we gonna do. lol

  6. i’d totally get an electric atv and an electric car. i think they’re totally awesome. why have all that noise? i like my hearing. i’m just waiting for when some individual or company takes paper batteries, solar panels and wireless electricity transfer to the next level. electricity is our future. it’s time we started investing in it. Tesla Motors just went public… wake up people 😛

  7. Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies r doing everything they can to stop this

    information. If you want a Free energy magnet motor , get the blueprints at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM , Join the


  8. Cool Video! Kirk @EASTeam here… Are you an Engineering Pro interested in opportunities with our clients doing Product Development, Motors, Drives, Power Electronics? See attached video or call directly @ 888.906.0202 x1235

  9. Thanks for posting, it’s about time we had something like this. So much cleaner and quieter. That’s so quiet you could probably drive it right by someone’s house at dinner time without pissing them off. And you could drive it in the woods without scaring off all the animals that other hikers want to see. What kind of batteries does it have? How long do they last? How expensive are they?

  10. why do tree huggers convince everybody about global warming and so they build crappy atvs that u will have to pay more for in the end when the batteries die and 2700 out of your pocket to get new batteries

  11. well i got some jack ass on my property stealing tin roofing panels with an electric ATV. i hope they stop before i catch them on my land cause ill take them off the damn thing and ill tell them they can call the cops to get it back after i take my torch and sawzall to it

  12. @frodus17 Actually, the motors in RC cars are quite advanced and powerful, too. Brushless motors are now commonplace in RC cars and they are being used in RC cars that used to only use nitro powered engines.

  13. i love how they make gas and carbon producing machines look so bad even though they built this country to what it is today so they can go fuck off

  14. @Zamboro You don’t have to wait hours to charge what . Are you meaning the M1 with a nearly $8000.00 cell pack that you possibly bought extra to have a swap out cell on top of the already $11,000 cost of the unit . Total $ 19,000 Note ,rough estimate on the cells but I know it’s close .

  15. You make a good point, but there are those of us who are cheapskates. We save a dime anyway possible. Why spend 40 a month on gas when you can charge it for 8 dollars month? Then of course all your savings go to batteries a few years down the road.

  16. What? I never wait hours to charge mine. I just pull out the depleted battery pack and pop in the freshly charged one, that I had left charging inside while I was out riding.

    Didn’t you think of battery swapping?

  17. Actually, that’s not true. An electric vehicle produces anywhere from 1/2 to 1/8th the greenhouse gas emissions as a comparable gasoline vehicle depending mainly on weight. And that’s assuming 100% of the power comes from coal, which isn’t the case anywhere in the US.

  18. Well, it’s about time someone try to do a electric ATV. I know most old timer just couldn’t let go of petro, but electric is far more powerful then IC motor can ever provide. In the area of Remote Control Helicaptor, electric is surpassing its IC motor counter part with 200% more power given the same weight class!!

  19. a power wheel… LOL

    but it does have merit…give a few more years for battery technology to mature and i think this conversation will be much different.

    the comments are hilarious though and interesting. Its like seeing social evolution in process as new technology gains acceptance.

  20. these things seem like a great idea to control noise polution, but as far as saving the environment… where the hell do they think electric power comes from? This country still relies mostly on coal for electrical generation, which polutes worse than a gas powered atv.

  21. gas is a billion more times practical, that takes HOURS to charge, go to the gas station and fill up in less than FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!! you dont you just shutup already!

  22. you are uneducated aren’t you…. you’re saying gas is more expensive that electricity per mile? haha, just shutup already.

  23. ok, and how much for an electric vehicle like that- give me a number. and no matter how much money you save on gas youll make it up twice when the electric bill comes

  24. no power? what kind of motors are you looking at…. hubmotors for a bicycle? These motors are torque monsters with HP to match…. They’re not crappy little motors in your RC car….. Motors have 100% torque at 0rpm, and they’ll out accelerate an ICE counterpart.

  25. electric motors have no power at all. why didnt moto usa give any information on acceleration or anything like that? they did it on all the other utility quads.

  26. coal fired plants are MUCH cleaner than 100,000 vehicles on the road…. and they’ve figured out how to reduce the carbon emissions 90%…. so in a few years, even COAL will be clean burning…. its no longer an argument. DO some research.

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