Battery Analyzer test on (dead) Revived EVT-4000e electric scooter battery

Rob Matthies revived Brian’s dead 40AH 12V sealed lead acid E-Cycle brand EVT electric scooter battery. The EVT electric scooter charger on Brian’s scooter appeared to be faulty on one battery only.

My EVT 4000e with the new 55km/h controller from evtcanada. EVT has four controller options depending on what market the EVT 4000e is sold, namely 25, 45, 47 and 55 km/h. Here in EU-country, it’s sold with the 45 km/h controller which is too slow to be safe, so I tracked down a 55km/h controller and fitted it, and this is the result. Not a speed-demon :), but fast enough..
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3 thoughts on “Battery Analyzer test on (dead) Revived EVT-4000e electric scooter battery

  1. i dont understand exactley what you got goin on here. i have tryed looking at your site also and it doesnt hold any info either. what exactley did you invent and what are you selling?

  2. @MrPeltope

    Hi, I’m not shure, 5km/h lower? The top speed in Power mode varies with conditions, from 55 to 70km/h
    according to the speedometer, which is probably a bit optimistic.. 😉

    I haven’t tested it with a GPS, but I will soon, and I will post the results here. As for the Eco mode, I feel this mode does nothing you cannot do yourself, reduce the top speed and drive in an even ‘soft’ style and the range will be a bit longer.

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