Can i drive this electronic scooter around on the sidewalks of my town?

Question by Monica: Can i drive this electronic scooter around on the sidewalks of my town?
Can i drive this electronic scooter around mytown on the sidewalks?

BTW, FYI i am 13 y/o 14 in 2 months….
i just want to drive it around my town….like go to the grocerie store and stuff
i couldnt get like arrested or anything…..right?

is this theng legal to do that?

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Answer by Dok
y don’t u ask your local council or something like that

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11 thoughts on “Can i drive this electronic scooter around on the sidewalks of my town?

  1. check with your town and were you plane on driving different towns different rules. i think most of the time they go by hp. if its under a certain amount then your ok. so check with them and give them your info

  2. Seems like it would be illegal. Bicycles aren’t allowed on the sidewalks here, only pedestrians. Some towns allow bikes on the sidewalks but not motorized ones. Best to check with local police for legalities.

  3. wonders what part of side walk you not getting is it the walk part most states dont let anything but people who are walking on side walks which is who and what they are made for walking ride in the street

  4. would you want your grandmother dodging these things as she’s walking to the store ?
    the answer is no,it is not legal,if you’re caught they will take it away from you.
    use your common sence.

  5. Your not old enough and it is not legal you still have to play in your yard. If the cops catch you they will take it.

  6. most likely no, you’d have to get a moped license most likely and a orange flag to put on the back or a SMV sign or something. can’t ride motorized stuff on the sidewalks in most cases.

  7. Here in Australia these are becoming common, no license or rego required.

    But whats OK in one place may not be in another. You need to approach your local authorities as only they can advice you.

    If I was abetting man I would say you will be OK, but check first.

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