Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter

Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter

  • Electric scooter with deck for standing or removable seat for longer rides
  • 1,000-watt, hi-torque DC motor and 36-volt rechargeable battery pack
  • 12-mile range depending on rider weight; top speed of 15 miles per hour
  • Front suspension fork for smooth riding; low-profile 12.5-inch Street Slick tires
  • Designed for ages 13 and older; 260-pound capacity; weighs 85 pounds

STEALTH SPECS: MOTOR 1000W of power from a Alloy Finned Hi- Torque DC Neodymium Magnet Motor. BATTERY EV Rated SLA Type Plug and Play Design 36V / 10AH Pack (3) 12V / 10AH Valve regulated, rechargeable CHARGE SYSTEM UL Listed Currie Smart Charger with LED status display CONTROLLER Exclusive Currie PWM Smart Power Microprocessor 36 Volt Amp fully potted, with auto shut-off, relay protection, and fuel gauge. TOP SPEED 15 mph / 24 km/h (rider weight contingent) RANGE 12 miles / 19

Rating: (out of 13 reviews)

List Price: $ 599.99

Price: Too low to display

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5 thoughts on “Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter

  1. Review by MeganS for Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter
    I ordered the EZIP 1000 several months ago and have been thoroughly impressed with the value for the money that the scooter has provided since I received it. I originally purchased the scooter to run around my neighborhood. However, I have found myself using it far more than I imagined. The scooter folds up easily so I am able to put it in my car and use it in a variety of places and on various terrains… runs great on sidewalks, concrete, grass, and dirt. I weigh 200+lbs and the scooter provides plenty of power and zip. Riding the scooter is very smooth and it’s easy to steer thanks to the full suspension. Additionally, the scooter is very quiet. I have enjoyed this scooter very much and would highly recommend it!

  2. Review by Martin Anderson for Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter
    I bought and returned three of these at different times from my local Sam’s Club. Every single one failed within a week of purchase and was returned. The first one had a bad gearbox, which started making a loud clanking noise whenever the rear wheel was activated. The second one had a bad disc brake: The right rear pad was not sufficiently shimmed, so the rotor rubbed against the caliper housing. The third one had a bad bearing on the rear wheel. All of these problems manifested themselves after only a few hours of use.

    The idea behind this product is a good one: Use standard bicycle parts and an electric motor to create an inexpensive scooter. The problem is that Currie (the company who makes these products) apparently uses Chinese made parts which didn’t last more than a few hours for me(see above) and has made bad design decisions as the product has changed from year to year (see below).

    The first design problem comes from the use of disc brakes in the front and rear. While older models had a standard caliper brakes, the newer models now have disc brakes on both wheels. The problem is that the wheels aren’t balanced well, and the rotors/discs “wobble.” When that happens, the rotor rubs against both disc pads, which will cause them to wear prematurely. A standard bicycle caliper style brake would have worked better and been easier to service.

    The second design problem is the motor. Instead of using a chain to drive and external sprockets for gearing, Currie hooked the motor directly to the rear wheel using a sealed gearbox. This presents several problems. First, without a chain, there is no ability to freewheel (i.e., to coast without continuing to spin the motor). This means that the motor is constantly being worn, even when you are merely coasting and it slows you down as well. Second, the sealed gearbox is much harder to fix than a chain, which is open and easily serviced. Finally, if you are going downhill and you exceed some maximum speed set by Currie, the electronic system shuts down and when you come to stop, you have to turn the scooter off and then back on before you can continue.

    Third, as of late 2007, Currie removed the adjustable seat post in favor of a fixed seat post. This means that you can no longer adjust the height of the seat. If the height Currie picked isn’t right for you, well too bad.

  3. Review by Sandra C. Larkin for Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter
    I purchased this scooter from amazon and the shipping was only four dollars and it arrived the day after i bought it. When we first tried to assemble it there was a few problems. We couldn’t get the handle bars in and one of the pieces was welded on wrong. We ended up hiring a handyman to assemble it because it was a little bit deffected. He had to rewire it and the part that was welded on wrong didn’t do any damage. this was not a problem though. I am one of the few people who recieved a deffected one however we got it to work. The average rider will go about 15mph. The first time I rode on this thing i darted away on it with a lot of speed. It has a powerful 1000 watt motor and I weigh aroung 120 pounds and i went about 18-20 mph. THe charge lasts for about 50 minutes to an hour and it can run about 12 miles. This scooter was a great deal for the money. The only downside is that it is very heavy. The last problem isn’t bad though. we recieved the roter for the front wheel a little bit bent so it would make a loud noise because the brake would touch it. We got a new roter from the company easily. Overall i would give the scooter a 5/5 but i would recommend that you get it from a store that had already assembled it.

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