electric scooter/mini moped?

Question by 🙂: electric scooter/mini moped?
hey im 13.
+ yesterday at target i saw,for $ 300,an electric scooter,except it was a moped!
the box said it was for ages 12+.
i really want one for my birthday, and mum and dad are willing to buy it for me,
because my bike has almost had it.
um,i was wondering,
i live in rockingham,perth,wa,australia 😀
what are the rules for these minimopeds/electric scooters?
kk thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Jerry
no rules buddy they are toys. If people on here give you the sh** bout them being illegal it aint true. if You got it from target or kmart and it sais ages 12+ your in the clear

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