Fix Flat on electric -scooter e-bike Hub Motor by Raptor girl

Electric e-bikes and electric e-scooters will get flats sooner or later. Do not damage the rim, your electric e-bike, electric e-scooter hub motor is in the rear wheel. It can be very costly, 5.00 plus labour and taxes. Take the weight off of the electric e-bike, electric e-scooter…
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Electric Scooters don’t come much better! Priced at just £899 this is the Zippe! More details at Simply plug in to charge, and road tax is free!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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29 thoughts on “Fix Flat on electric -scooter e-bike Hub Motor by Raptor girl

  1. If your bike has a 48V motor but 12V lights check the power connection to the controller.
    (usually tucked up under the seat) The lights on some of the more expensive e-bikes, like my Veloteq are powered off a 48V-12V step-down transformer, and completely separate from the controller/motor 48V circuit from that point on. The connector that powers the controller tends to work loose, especially in cold weather when the plastic is more brittle. I suggest wrapping it with a zip tie.

  2. It sounds like one of your brake lever switches are stuck in the closed or engaged setting, thus telling the controller not to allow the motor to run because the controller thinks the brakes are on. You will need a technician to disassemble the upper column of your E-Bike to diagnose this problem.

  3. hello i have an electric bike that when i was riding it once it cut out like battery had died so i charged it up and now when i turn it on the lights come onlike it has full power and the front light comes on but when i turn the throttle nothing happens it has peddles that i use but was wondering is it an easy fix

  4. @TheNoelest Hi Argentina, these bikes were designed for all weather. It rains you and the bike will get wet and be okay. Batteries will last 18 mons.; 2 yrs.; maybe onger with GOOD care. You use the bike, charge it. You put the bike away for a long period of time, charge it full first and then go back and charge it within 6 wks. Do not leave it plugged in day after day. When it is charged unplug it. Have a good ride.

  5. hi friend Im from argenina and this video is very useful for me because I have a lucky lion e bike and is very much alike this bike. can you tell me in case of heavy rain can it be damaged and the batteries are acid? or lithium what is the life span of a acid lead batery cause mine workswhith it . thanks very much for shearing

  6. @horsehockey22
    “go green; get out of the cars.”

    i agree 100% my ecoped changed my life.. i was a fat bastard who drove to go anywhere now im a fat bastard who rides everywhere :)… i know im still young and i should ride conventional bikes but.. this is SO much more fun
    and its friendlier to the environment 🙂

  7. Good video but I want to take the entire rim into a bike shop and it does not tell you how to disconnect the power cable.

  8. @tbyte Not that I’m aware of. It isn’t the weight you need to worry about. If you bank too deep the pedals hit the ground. This isn’t a motorcycle, not the same power and you have to make that noise yourself.

  9. @horsehockey22 I actually didn’t know that there is a country that pedal are required 🙂 . Can’t You use some kind of fake ones. I mean to be there just for the looks, the lightest possible so to not add to much weight because steel pedals, steel chain, steel gears …

  10. @tbyte
    Well, some politician with not much to do decided, “You call it a bicycle, it must have pedals.

    China has between 70 – 80 million on the road and not one pedal. Who’s ahead of the game. (China – Canada)

    Politicians wanted us to do the right thing, go green; get out of the cars.

  11. Not all e-bikes are the same. Very important, if you took it off of the bike, put it back where you got it from.

  12. The skirts keep some of the dirt off of the chain and other moving parts and your pants leg out of the chain, otherwise, yes, they are cosmetic.

  13. If the rear wheel is not 100% perpendicular to the e-bike frame then the drum brake will not be even and will rub inside the drum brake hub. (=noise and uneven wear), unattended long enough, wheel replacement. The gap between brake assembly and wheel should be even. If this doesn’t help call us early in a.m. Tues-Sat 416-778-9586

  14. are the fender skirts just for looks or is the scooter going to be somehow negatively affected if used without putting them back on?

  15. Also, I took 2 washers off the left side of the axle. On my scooter this is the side with the brake line and without the power line… on the scooter in this video it looks like you have both on one side unlike mine so I don’t know it makes a difference but what I’m wondering is where those 2 washers belong:

    -on the outside of the axle, in between the swing arm and the axle nuts
    -on the inside of the axle, in between the swing arm and the brake
    -on the axle inside the brake (which I doubt)

  16. Having put it back together after dealing with it my own way (with lots of unnecessary disassembly/reassembly), something is dragging on the wheel even when I have the drum-brakes adjust nut totally loosened. If I apply full throttle (with the wheel off the ground) it racks up about 5 amps, drags loudly, and stops spinning in less than 2 seconds when I let go. What could cause this?

  17. do you need insaurance, a licence and a registration plate to legally use this? I have just perchased an E-ZIP 400 and I was curious to know.

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