How can I modify a SunL electric scooter?

Question by Jake (AKA Captain Crash): How can I modify a SunL electric scooter?
I have a SunL scooter that’s black. It looks like this one- I’d like to put a chainsaw engine on it, then put a long seat on it, and make it look kinda like a “real” moped, but still keep the box that’s on it. I wanna cut up the stock body as little as possible, but I realize I need to sut it some for the engine to fit.

Here are my questions-
1.) How can I rig the throttle?
2.) How do I mount the engine?
3.) How can I mount the longer seat? (I plan on making the seat out of plywood with a cotton cover with cotton stuffing in it, maybe 1′ by 1.5′)

I understand I’m crazy for attempting this, but please, don’t tell me. Answer only if you have something constructive to say. This is a desperate attempt to get my own bike and get out from under Dad’s thumb. That’s where I stay when I ride his Rebel. He chooses where I can go, if I can go, and who goes with me. If I get my own bike, I can take my friends (almost) anywhere.

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Answer by crewchief_74
Yes I have to agree that you are crazy and here are my only words of advice for you. Before starting this project make sure you have some other means of transportation to get around because even with all my talent and resources this is not a weekend project. Plan on spending some time at the drawing board ( I use AutoCAD ) locating a suitable engine, controls, fabricating mounting brackets, drive train, fuel tank, etc. I hope you have access to a milling machine, lathe and TIG welder too.

Good Luck

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