How to Prevent Electric Scooter Battery Charger Theft

It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help. On most “Made In China” electric scooters, the battery charger is vulnerable to theft when you’re charging the electric scooter in a public place. Also, be sure to ask for permission to charge at the site. You will rarely be turned down, in my experience. I suggest that you carry your battery charger and simply charge everywhere. The battery charger is lighter than a second battery pack. How to Prevent Electric Scooter Battery Charger Theft

This is a PC board I made so I can charge a 48V seal lead acid battery from any 12VDC source. This design is simple and uses an off-the-shelf audio crossover coil. It charges my battery from a 12V source that gets switched on once the sun goes down. In the morning my batteries are ready to go and it didn’t cost me anything. Energy from the sun. However I can use with and 12V source that can provide 2-3 amps of power. There is a special circuit that will stop the SMPS once the battery level low around 11 volts. Next day the sun comes up and charges the 12V battery.
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6 thoughts on “How to Prevent Electric Scooter Battery Charger Theft

  1. Hi Can I buy a completed unit ,board or list of coponents from you .I run both a123s in a 53 volt pack and also sealed lead acid gells at 48 volts.This charger would help me a lot thanks .I love the vidieo .Thanks carl

  2. @ComputerWhack It is justed to convert voltage and current. Power is actually lost. Not what you are thinking. Thanks

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