23 thoughts on “Kids electric scooter MOD – PWM speed control –

  1. so how do u mod it? can u give me some instructions or links so i can do it. btw im in aus good old new zealand hey haha!

  2. I know that PWMs tend to make transducers produce a wining sound…..would there be any way to reduce it (maybe a capacitor or something)?

  3. i have a GIO e-scooter but i find its not going fast enough…

    currently is 500w with 48v battery & 12ah

    what can i do to make it faster without any real damage?

  4. thats some good work with the stuff you build. you def have some skills. cheers mate. and i agree your wife is lookin pretty fine

  5. where can I find a list for parts, and schematics, I want to run a small windshield wiper motor with a PWM.

  6. Huh? Actually it’s on the right way! It’s a retro helmut which I much prefer than the dawky eggshell bike helmuts bike shops market. The shiney buttons on the front that you should be able to see are where you clip on a peak.

  7. Yes it goes quite well, she can keep up with me on my 350W E-Scooter. I really should find some time to make a kick tail for it so she can do wheelies. NZ is beautiful but so is Mexico!

  8. wow ! it runs fast …hehehe! new zeland beautifull hope to know some day, good video thanx from mexico.

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