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  1. my ezip goes faster than any m-350 ive seen i got´╗┐ it for 10 bucks at a garage sale and spent another 80 for a new batterie and another 12 for a better charger and like i said ive beaten countless friends on thier m-350 compared to my ezip

  2. I just picked one of these cool M350’s …..cleaned and detailed it ’til ‘holy sh!t new.
    My question is that I see yours has a nice kickstand , mine doesn’t . Where did you get yours ??? Please let me know if this is an aftermarket product and where i can purchase this much needed feature.´╗┐ Thanks so much for your quick reply, today, NOW !!! :o)

  3. Yes they came installed and ready to go. I just bought a Currie Ezip 750 in June. It’s´╗┐ a decent ride, but still not as good as the mongoose m-350.

  4. @sammysretarted If I can remember correctly I think the M-350 was $199 six years ago thru ToysRUs. It uses 2@ 12V 10Ah batteries. Batteries Plus sells them around $39.99 each. If you purchase them by the case (8) like I did they are $29.99 each. If you have a´╗┐ store locally you can bring in the old battery packs, and they will rewire and repack them for you. The case price is the best way to go if you have two or more scooters. You will always have a battery back up for longer rides.

  5. I’ve had my 3 Mongoose M-350 scooters for 6 years now, and they are all still running great! Same with my Mongoose M-250. I also have a Schwinn Stealth 1000 which is great, but the M-350 is my favorite! My son is 26, 6’4, 230lbs. he even rides them with no problems. Take´╗┐ care of it & you will have fun riding it for many years. Just remember to charge and discharge the batteries at least once per month if you don’t ride often or they will go bad. Best place & price for them is Batteries Plus.

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