My Razor Electric Scooter E300

This video is kind of long, but worth it, especially the POV! Please watch the whole thing! Bye!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The awesome ‘E’ Series Electric scooter from Razor. These are the assembly instructions for all ‘E’ Series scooters. BUY NOW!!

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40 thoughts on “My Razor Electric Scooter E300

  1. you two are idiots. you polluted this video with you’re ignorant blue collar language no wonder some people shy away YouTube

  2. The initial charge time is 12 hours and the recharge time is up to 8 hours??? What does that mean???

  3. i sold both of my e100 and e300.
    i am 5 feet tall and 12 years old. the e 100 is perfect but i sold it for a faster e300s.
    that was dumb. it was toooooooo big and lower battery life!!!!!!!

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