New Electric Scooter Hits San Diego Market

The new Vectrix scooter, originally developed in Italy and prevalent in Europe, is starting to hit the US shore. Vectrix is beginning to open US outlets. While fairly quick and torque-ish, it’s 2 hour recharge time may not sit well with traditional motorcyclists. Tree huggers will, however love this….but will safety suffer as many uneducated scooter riders begin hitting the streets?
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6 thoughts on “New Electric Scooter Hits San Diego Market

  1. It’s basically a practical electric commuter car you can buy now. It uses NO gas, so you’re basically giving ExxonMobil and OPEC the finger. Money savings on gas isn’t the sole reason to get this.

  2. what in china there cheap, 400-1000usd 350-3000 watt -there are over a 1000 manufacturers there, 11,000usd what a rip off i can buy a 20 ft container of them and back up batterys and motors for them for near that, i rode them in china there cheap fast and silent and dam reliable , not bad

  3. Nice to the eco-system, but don’t buy it to save money, it’s double the price of a comparable gas scooter, by the time you get your money back in gas savings, it’s time to buy new batteries

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