25 thoughts on “Schwinn Electric Scooter

  1. I just got my Stealth 1000 weeks last thing I was surprised a high torque. One thing, however, that this role I am 15 hours past 20 miles but I feel

  2. I drove two scooters Schwinn razor …….. Schwinn is the best its the fastest, longest being a burden and takes half the time not to charge razor

  3. do it for these lithium batteries to? not my son has the same scooter and batteries have not long and they cost to buy 75dollars replace.I ordinary lead-acid batteries, nor do they suck.

  4. dude this thing is slow I have is really good and it’s only 4.0 25 mph because I am at it, it is I take it on the road with a time cars because it goes fast enough to a

  5. I have one and I hate it. only 8 miles per charge and a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. is a point of sale. Invest in a dirt bike or something better.

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