The X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter The 2009 X-Treme X-360 is fast, fun, and loaded with awesome standard features. The X-Treme X-360 is a speedy little scooter that hits speeds of up to 18 mph with a range of 15 to 20 miles. The 350 watt motor gives it enough torque to handle light hills and some rough terrain. The impressive features of this scooter include chain drive, brake inhibit, front suspension, a comfortable seat, three 36 volt 12 amp batteries, key ignition, headlight, brake light, turn signals, an electric horn, a cargo box and rear rack to store your stuff, extra tall 13″ tires, speedometer, battery level gauge and an eye-catching “dolphin-shaped” aerodynamic body! The X-Treme X-360 folds up for easy storage and because it’s electric, the X-360 is eco-friendly, noise-free, and operates on pennies a day. For more information on this scooter, click the link at the top of the description. *Rights to video footage granted by X-Treme Scooters. All product info valid as of posting date, see product page for up to date product info.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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7 thoughts on “The X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter

  1. @MrCeliath Any hard surface will do. Loose dirt or gravel would cause problems for this one. Check the link in the description for the complete product description

  2. im thinking of getting one but i was wondering could go go on dirt with this.(I’m not talking about doing tricks or anything) just riding around on dirt. Or does it have to be on pavement or concrete?

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