What is the best adult scooter for the price?

Question by theravenhq: What is the best adult scooter for the price?
My local Big5 has the Airwalk Grande with 210mm wheels and a height of over 36inches but I’m not sure if it’s an “adult scooter”. Does anyone know how this compares with the Razor A5 Lux scooter? Both of these scooters have larger wheels for smoother commutes and high handle bars for adult comfort.

The Know Ped and Xootr both have higher price tags and it seems all that you gain is the hand brakes. Are the hand brakes worth it?

What is the best big wheeled adult scooter?

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Answer by Jexxie
I don’t have an answer for a scooter, but an electric bicycle is probably more fun and will get more use.
AntiRebate shows an e-Zip 2008 electric mountain bike for about $ 300.

“The bike works in three ways:
1. Foot power – ride it like a regular bike
2. Assisted power – the electric motor assists when you pedal
3. Full power – no pedaling, the electric motor does all the work
Specs: Up to 18 MPH, 15 miles range, battery pack can be easily removed from bike to charge indoors, add a 2nd battery pack for greater range, 7 speed gears with Shimano derailleur, good reviews. ”

Here’s the link: http://www.antirebate.com/index.php?offer=24666

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One thought on “What is the best adult scooter for the price?

  1. I own a Xootr MG, and from my experience it is the best scooter out there. Yeah, it is pricey, but its well worth it. Its fast a hell, and its built really well. I ride along side my friends who bike ride and they’re the ones that have trouble keeping up with me.
    I’ve rode the razor and it doesn’t even compare to the xootr.
    If your able to shell out a little bit more, Xootr is definitely the way to go!

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