where and how can we buy new or used electric scooter in Tacoma?

Question by vikasintl: where and how can we buy new or used electric scooter in Tacoma?
Where and how can we buy used electric scooters in Tacoma WA?
Also provide us info about new scooters in the same location?

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Answer by rockbase
You need to ask a little bit friendly . this isn’t the yellow pages. people do this to be nice, for free.

Name: Tacoma Motorsports
Address: 4701 Center Street
City: Tacoma State: Washington Zip: 98408 Country: USA
Phone: 253-564-8678 Fax: 253-566-0624 Toll Free: 800-730-8678

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New & Used Motorcycles, Etc. in Tacoma, WA

How, first you must have money. Then you drive down to the store(s) and look at them until you find the one you like. Then you tell The salesman “Hey Joe’ Can I buy this one here ?” ad you haggle the price a little (Joes kids don’t get christmas this year now) And you either hand joe the full amount or get financing if your credits good. Then you realize you have no way to get it home. (Joe Grins) and you ask joe “Ummm Anyway I can get this home” and joe grining says “Yeah but it will cost ya”… your strike a deal and Joe delivers the scooter.
The sun sets and we all live happily ever after

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