X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)

X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)

  • X-treme scooters sport electric bicycle is the ultimate gas-free commuter alternative
  • Power assisted electric bike has a 550-watt rear hub motor
  • Bike travels for up to 25 miles on battery power alone and goes up to 20 miles per hour
  • With a battery life of three or more years

The power of the XB-508 electric bicycle comes from large 550 watt brushless rear hub motor (installed in the center of the rear wheel) that is powered by 4 large high power batteries (14 AMPS each instead of 12 AMPS like the XB-500) that will last 3 years or more & can be re-charged more than 500 times.

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 825.00

Price: $ 899.00

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3 thoughts on “X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)

  1. Review by Amazon Stockholder for X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)
    Buyer beware. The X-treme scooter needs assembly upon arrival and warranty is only good for parts not labor, so after several email back and forth, they actually DID send me replacement parts, but nevertheless I ended up returning the bike to Amazon. I have a local dealer who could service the bike, but X-treme refused to pay for anything, even though the bike was damaged right out of the box. Thank goodness I bought it at Amazon, as they are very customer oriented, and understand what’s going on.

    I ended up buying a Veloteq Cougar locally instead of this bike. To all those interested, be wary of buying online, as the support from X-treme will not be there.

  2. Review by T. Grogan for X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)
    I’ve had a XB-508 for about a year and have had no problems. It has performed well, even when riding double slightly over-weight. Not a lot of speed on uphills. But beware of Xtreme Scooters which will be your only source for warrantee, service and parts. Another scooter I bought from them has had lots of problems, and they have basically done nothing after months of trying. Refer to the Iowa BBB before buying one of their scooters.

  3. Review by Irwin A. Shapiro for X-Treme Scooters Sport Electric Bicycle Moped (Blue)
    I am a 74 year old retired ex-motorcyclist who bought my XB-508 a month ago for fun from a local retail dealer who also sells electric cars. It came fully assembled when delivered to my door so I had none of the assembly problems mentioned by others. This scooter is drop dead good looking, thoughtfully engineered, and appears to be well constructed. When I park it my bicycle helmet fits neatly in the compartment under the seat while the separate locking trunk holds more. Forget about the tiny glove box in front; it won’t hold much and pops open if you try to stuff it with things like a couple of soda cans.

    The XB 508 is perfect for tooling around my local community where the speed limit is 30 and I can go a steady 23 mph on flat land. Acceleration is swift even with my 210 pounds on board. A warning beeper sounds when using turn signals, a helpful safety feature I wish I had on my car (I sometimes forget to turn them off). The headlights aren’t very strong but I don’t drive at night.

    Going 23 mph on major streets, even in the bicycle lane is more than a little scary — cars and trucks whizzing by a few feet away at twice your speed. Since this “electric assisted” scooter is classed as a bicycle I prefer using sidewalks when outside my home development. If you want to keep up with highway traffic get a 50cc or 150cc gas scooter or a motorcycle. Under no circumstance would I recommend giving this or any similar vehicle to children. It is not a toy. One false move and you can be severely injured or killed. And forbid a second rider (remove the footpegs) since even a small shift in weight at any speed by either rider can send the scooter out of control dumping occupants on the ground.

    The bicycle pedals are a joke. I don’t intend to install them and don’t think I would get very far pedaling a 188 pound direct drive (no gears) “bicycle” with its low seating position. If the batteries should give out push it home or call someone with a van or truck. A voltmeter next to the speedometer will give ample advance warning going from green to yellow and red zones. I haven’t tested for range and follow advice to plug in the charger each night to prolong battery life.

    The only significant problem I have had is with both brakes that are uneven when applying. The distributor says they will wear in and, to be fair they are less jerky now after a month of light use. The distributor in Iowa immediately sent a few needed parts without charge under the rather short 90 day warranty (six months on the batteries). The instruction manual is woefully inadequate and there is no service manual so I will have to rely on the distributor who so far has answered all my questions. (You can access an online manual for Liberty Scooters Town and Country model that may provide some helpful information.)

    In sum I really love this new boytoy as I fulfill my second childhood. No it isn’t the old faithful BMW 500cc R50 motorcycle I had for 25 years nor the Honda Benly 150 (bet you never saw one) or Triumph Tina, yes an English Triumph scooter that preceded it — but the Xtreme XB-508 is the first for me with an electric starter (just turn the key to “on”), a trunk and turn signals. The XB-508 doesn’t take up much room, sharing a one car garage with a huge Infiniti and a Raleigh bicycle (both of which stay home much more now). Hope you get as much enjoyment from life as I am now. To quote Guy Lombardo “Enjoy yourself; it’s later than you think!”

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