14 thoughts on “Eagle electric tricycle

  1. These will be banned by BIG CORPORATE GIANTS WHO SELL GASOLINE that is why
    goverments around the world are too slow to replace old gasoline powered
    transportation with electric ….but china is leading the way…..there are
    ELECTRIC SCOOTERS EVERYWHERE IN BIG CITIES with quick acceleration and no
    pollution…watch this space

  2. These units are only desighned for 2 – 3 passangers only, however we have
    several models depending upon your location. We will be emailing all the
    details. Check out our environmentfriendlystore on the web!

  3. Can this accommodate 4 passengers + driver? What would be the topspeed on
    flat terrain? on uphill terrain? Where are you located? Pls send more info
    to sanctuary909@ymail,com (price, engine, refuelling/charging, consumption,
    maintenance, government approvals on design.roadworthiness, etc. Thank you!

  4. Saan ba nakakabili nito? Is it a good alternative to a maingay na tricycle
    to hatid/sundo children to school? Magkano ba to? How long do you charge
    the battery and for long/far does a fully charged battery go?

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