9 thoughts on “Electric 4 wheel bicycle.dv

  1. I love it no comments yet surprised nice windshield in the front and good
    for 3 people it’s like your own little car

  2. cool, im thinking about doing somthing like this, maybe even making faux
    car doors for it so people wont try to run me over, people in my city will
    go out of their way to hit you on a bike, im not sure if cops in my city
    would get on my case long as i kept mostly to neighborhood streets, cops in
    my town are especially dumb about bikes on the road

  3. If someone in a motor vehical deliberately hits a bicyclist or pedestrian
    that assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. All motorist
    remember a motor vehical is a DEADLY WEAPON!! CARS 1 TON TRUCKS 2+TONS
    100+mph thay can kill any mammal.

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