Electric 4 wheel bicycle

Electric 4 wheel bicycle

I bought the bike online from China and it is very well made, it came standard as a 3 speed pedal only unit but because we use the bike almost everyday for s…
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3 thoughts on “Electric 4 wheel bicycle

  1. I like your design. If you put a sprocket off the back of a motorcycle on
    it, it will be a whole lot faster. Could almost be road legal.

  2. @Indrek, I didn’t build it, I bought it from China for $1200 which is very
    cheap, its well made with good welds. It does have 4 adjustable dampers as
    suspension and sure I would love to have one made out of carbon fibre, and
    if you compare the size of this frame to a 2 wheel carbon fibre racing bike
    frame the cost would probably be 10 grand at a minimum to have one made. If
    you can get me one made for a price relative to the cost I paid for the
    whole bike you have your first customer here ready to sign up for
    one.@Rain, do you mean stronger sprockets? As it is the bike does about 25
    kms an hour with two 650 watt motors, if it had two 1300 watt motors the
    speed would significantly increase but in its current setup it would
    probably and regularly snap chains so I could see the point of fitting
    motorcycle sprockets and chains to accommodate the extra power and weight
    as it currently weighs over 300 kgs with 3 people on it. So your and
    Indrek’s ideas would make a better bike for sure. Thanks guys. If you have
    anymore ideas please pass them on to me.

  3. Youtube won’t allow links in messages so the bike company is called
    ..Shanghai Guangxin Entertainment Bicycle Co., Ltd. and it cost $1200…twin
    motor kits and batteries from cyclone motors Taiwan cost about $1100..

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