16 thoughts on “Electric bike adaption for wheel chair

  1. You can see a wheelchair users life change, but don’t say that is your
    goal. Your goal is PROFIT. Otherwise you would give them away and sell just
    enough to make your money back. It’s a business. Right?

  2. Is there an adaption for the tires? Those thin tires (standard wheel chair
    tires) aren’t wide enough for gravel or mud. I really like the idea though!
    this is brilliant.

  3. Parte-se do princípio que todo cadeirante frequente terrenos planos… isso
    é um equívoco, meu filho e outros tantos, vivem em cidades onde as vias
    públicas são verdadeiros campos de “mountain bike”.buscamos rodas e pneu
    mais largos pra passeios em geral,,, idéias originais, criativas e
    alternativas como essas são sempre bem vistas!

  4. I would like to know who made the Motorized Wheelchair for the Movie
    “Silver Bullet” and or who has it today and how many were made for the
    Movie or if one even exists today.

  5. As someone realizing that my days of walking on my own, which as already
    been years longer than the Dr.’s expected, and I’m having to find a
    wheelchair, this concept has given me hope, that instead of even less time
    out of my home, I might be able to have a life that I can’t at this time.
    Please tell me how I can have one built here in america, I know people with
    skills who with plans can help me…would they like to branch out?

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