electric tricycle

electric tricycle

The homemade tricycle of VIRGILIN. 5 kW, BLDC electric motor; 30 Ah battery; 55 km/h max speed; energy consumption costs 1,5€/100km. For a FRIENDLY ride!

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16 thoughts on “electric tricycle

  1. You are a man after my own heart -beautiful job I’m in the process of
    building a tadpole trike (later to be electric motored) a replica of a 1938
    Morgan 3 wheeler sorta a cross between a pedal car/ velomobile, been
    working on it since last summer. : )

  2. Nice body work. It looks like the T-rex for one. I’d like to see under the
    body, batteries, motor etc. Very cool, have fun. My project is almost
    finished also.

  3. Some questions 1. How much is it ? 2. Is it safe to drive in the rain, or
    at least on watered (for some reason) street ? 3. Is it street legal ?
    (registration) Otherwise it is 100% wonderful, it is my dream to built a
    similar one. If you could share plans please let me know, thanks.

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