Electric trike Arc trike

Just a quick video showing the other attributes of the Arctrike..pedalling is easier than you might think even though the trike is heavy because of the batte…
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7 thoughts on “Electric trike Arc trike

  1. This is the older version of the Arctrike. Because we have had such rotten
    weather here in London, it has delayed my making more video’s of the trike
    in action. The newest version has a hub motor for power instead of the
    middrive and a bigger capacity battery. As for cost, in anticipation of the
    Kick Starter Campaign, i would be offering versions of the trike for under
    $6000.00 Stay tuned!!

  2. Arctrike.com is my web site. The current model has been updated. Please
    visit my web site for more info. We will be starting a kickstarter campaign
    soon..and more video to come

  3. I get your looking for investors bro, and thats awesome. But why wouldnt
    you want to build one for people asking for one? This vid has been on here
    for at least 5 months and in all that time you havent built another trike?

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