23 thoughts on “Electric Trike w/Air Ride Suspension Pt. 2

  1. why not make the rear end a 1 wheel setup and put the other 2 in the front
    for better steering? of course on the next project, because this looks to
    cool, whats your life span of the 48 volt battery setup before it needs to
    be recharged? also what motor size is that

  2. Very nice build. Instead of buying a rear diff, you can just run one of the
    rear wheels and have the other wheel independent of the axle. That should
    help with your turns. If you do this you may want to have breaks on both
    wheels so you wont end up turning when you break.

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  4. Beautifully done. A few wire ties will solve the wire problems. You might
    think of narrowing the rear track and introducing leaning rear wheels.
    Google iLean. Very simple but the iLean system requires a bit wider track
    for stand alone balance and heavy weight carrying. The iLean system works
    best with two rear hub motors. 

  5. nice build, I personally would tidy up the cabling and especially cover the
    power contacts, don’t want some short across that 😛 the Pedal cable
    shouldn’t be stiff and be like bike cable so you can at least route it
    around. Does the controller provide charging should you go downhill, etc?
    so it charges back to the battery, I wouldn’t thing it’d give much of a
    charge tbh. neat work regardless, almost a choppa.lol

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