Electric Trike

electric trikes

The Hungarian Electric Trike designed and Created by Malupe Agro Ltd. Hungary. You can find more informations about the Trike and the company on the followin…

EnerDel electrifies trikes in the Philippines
Indianapolis-based EnerDel, whose automotive customers once included Volvo for the all-electric version of the Volvo C30 and Think with its City EV, was last heard around these parts on the fall of 2012. That's when the company said it was trying to …
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17 thoughts on “Electric Trike

  1. Hello, I loved the video of your product to make our planet better.
    Congrats. I also enjoyed the music, what is song name?, What is the bamda?
    Thank you.

  2. Take no notice of the brainless comments posted It is what it is supposed
    to be an electric quadricycle Only change I would make is have one seat in
    the back like a twizy and legs either side of the driver. Not a good idea
    to have legs protruding on the open road. Do you have a certificate of
    conformity to make it road legal in the EEC if so as I would be interested
    in bringing them in modified form to the UK . Also our Gazelle to Hungary
    See it by searching electric ATV buggy on YouTube

  3. if you could achieve 45MPH you could take it on the highways in America. If
    you added a small gas electric generator you could have a Hybred vehicle
    that could go far further than 80Miles on a charge, maybe as far as 150
    miles on a gallon of gas plus the charge.

  4. EXTREMELY WELL DONE!!!! My hats off to you. You guys are years ahead of us
    over here on this side of the pond. Beautiful machine. Nice music choice

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