11 thoughts on “Electron Wheel Electric Bike Review

  1. Hi MAG315, I think they’re fine tuning it. Excited to test out the next
    version and see how it has been improved :)

  2. Hey @Fatjohnny1, for some reason it won’t let me reply to your question so
    I’m just making a new comment… Most of the time I try bikes out in shops
    or at conferences like Interbike. Last month I actually bought a car and
    drove to California to visit the headquarters for the big brands like
    Currie, Pedego and BH so I could review the 2014 models (all reviews
    currently in the works!) but in the case of the Electron Wheel it was
    shipped to me last week and I’ll be mailing it back on Monday ;)

  3. have you ever try both electron wheel and fly kly assemble to your bike? i
    just wondering.. 😀 ouwh, does this electron wheel generate electricity
    like the fly kly or copenhagen wheel does?

  4. like it but think you should put electric wheel at back cause back carry
    more weight than front wheel member front have to turn easy all weight
    should be back of bicycle

  5. Hey good reivew. I actually pre-ordered a copenhagen wheel and love to see
    a reivew from u if you can get your hands on one before they ship next

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