16 thoughts on “Organic Transit ELF Video Review – Solar Powered Recumbent Electric Trike

  1. in city centers where cars are banned (there are plenty of those in Europe)
    these could be huge business and the fact that it charges while you work is
    freaking awesome.
    I was expecting some actual shock absorbers but i guess those are better
    than nothing.
    By the way how far are these models from the production version ?
    Also why not have 4 wheels ? i mean 300 pounds + half the bikes weight +
    the rider is a lot of strain a single bicycle tire, is it just because it’s
    easier to make the drive system this way ?

    And another thing, when you get a puncture you tip it over ?

  2. If this catches on it will might be revolutionary if not then it would fade
    into bankruptcy. People could use this as taxis, delivering newspapers,
    mail, etc.

  3. The reason i commute by bike is that i hate to waste my money in a
    mandatory insurance plan.
    Electric bike are the best option!!
    Question.. How do you secure/lock that bike??

  4. Love it !!! I wish it was cheaper and it looked a bit more normal if you
    get what I mean so you don’t stand out 🙂 I would like to set up a courier
    business with this how much does it cost and what is it’s max speed ? 20MPH

  5. Do you know guys, what if I instal “Cool PU MOMO Sport Steering Wheel” on
    it for fun… does it become a car in some way after that?

    How safe it would be if most of people were driving ELF in the city. There
    would not be need to adjust design to obey laws.

  6. Seems that driveing/rideing with the rear screen up is less aero drag in
    warm and dry weather seems like a good idea that brings up another point.
    When Your making a turn on a wet street do the front tires spray You? 

  7. Thanks for posting this review! It was super informative and contained so
    much great info that I hadn’t seen before. I love seeing the innovation
    (shocks, rear seat, steering improvements etc.) since I’m still saving for
    one at least I know it will contain some of these new upgrades.

    It has lights and turn signals but does it have also brake lights?
    Please shoot another video in a couple months to show what the doors might
    look like and any other design changes we can look forward to.

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