9 thoughts on “Pedego Trike Electric Bike Review

  1. Hey Duane, I’ve fixed wind noise for the newer reviews… Sorry some of
    these older ones are annoying like that.

  2. I like your review but the one thing that I don’t like the style of this
    bike is that the battery is on the bottom with the key in is because you
    could get all the dirt and muck if you are on a muddy trail or when it

  3. Aaaahhh! I need 1 of those! I have 2 Workman folding do they take trade
    ins? If I promote the company on all my websites can I get a lovely
    discount? It wud be perfect if it had a cover on the rear compartment like
    on those pickups :D! How much is it, now I think of asking, right? I need
    it for the Hellacious Hill! The key location is a issue tho, Can get messy
    & any1 just forget & leave it? Id have to have a long coil key chain I can
    clip to my belt loop or something & hope I dont get tangled lol (Im so
    scary!) Where are they selling these, anyway? Btw I agree with Matt S.
    about lights. I use a really nice set on my trikes. Has front & rear
    lights, turn signals, brake lights & a horn. Very inexpensive. I have a
    seat like that 1 but I had to buy it separately >:(

  4. Hi! I got your response, thanx! Im going to cry when I go to the site
    right? Well here goes nothin!

  5. why dont you have some one record the video while you ride the byke’s..i
    hate the sound of the wind in most of your video’s..

  6. It’s funny you say that because I’m always stopping to chat with different
    cyclists. They want to know about the ebikes and I’ll tell them about my
    site and these videos. Thanks for the idea 😉

  7. That’s so damn cool! Why don’t you put your website url on the back? I
    would do that if I bought one because I KNOW people are going to want to
    know where THEY can get one. I would get tired of having people stop me for

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