21 thoughts on “RickShaw 3 Wheel Electric Bike Review – 48 Volts

  1. I just ordered one. Then I found your video. Yes, by the waterside here in
    BC is just too utterly delicious. I plan to take lots of photographs…..
    when I am not going “Wheeeeee!”

  2. I bought the red one in the summer of 2011. I had to replace the rear
    wheely tires as I broke mine doing catwalks lol. I had a friend donate some
    rollerblade wheels and they are still working to this day. You may want to
    contact your dealer if you need to replace any body parts. I wa told the
    new ones have a slight body difference so they are not compatable. no
    licence, no insurance and no gas required for these and they are awesome!

  3. @jeffreydean84 if you had a rickshaw you would know you don,t need a
    drivers license anywhere in Canada so why leave that comment , , its 500
    watts , and considered a bike , or mobility device .the fact you know it
    has 3 adjustments for the rear bakes is interesting thought , by the way
    the brakes where jammed opened because they are drum brakes and stuck open
    , i took it apart , so do me a fave don,t lie about driver licenses k , its
    makes you sound like a moron and a troll

  4. Hi Dana I had a rickshaw Loved it, getting another one Friday. Breaks do
    fad on them but there is Adjustments on them there two in back. on the push
    rods just tighten them up. And in the front there is another adjustment nut
    close to the break. I am Moving to BC in a couple weeks. I do not a license
    and here in Ontario i do need one to drive the rickshaw I was just wonder
    what does icbc classified this vehicle as.

  5. No speeding now!! Hopefully you won’t have any more problems. Zoe is so
    well behaved … looks like you both enjoy cruising around!

  6. @torytompkins Hi Tory – Haha snowmobile, that’s a brilliant Idea , right
    now it only morphs into chick magnet hehe , i get approached everywhere i
    go , they only love me for my ride , same old same old , Zoie did shoot
    most of the video but kept licking the lens so yeaaaa we still have some
    way to go . :O))

  7. I paid for my scooter june the first. On my way home I hit a bump and the
    umbrella tube on the side of the scooter fell off and the battery was
    faulty. It took about a week for the company to send a new battery. Been
    repairing it off and on thru out the summer. Been 6 months and finally the
    company located the umbrella tube. They will send it as soon as I pay for
    it, and shipping. I guess the 1 year warranty is useless. On my scooter I
    have the mp3 sterio that is located in the mirrors.it is ok

  8. @laidbackguy1972 yup i got seriously roasted on this one , but it cuts down
    my travel time to a 1/4 and that certainly makes one part of the ordeal ok

  9. now its has no back brakes a little bit of front brakes , they have drum
    brakes ,and the bike makes terrible sounds , i don,t trust it because of
    the massive damage it had and its impossible to get them to talk to me . i
    live in a wheelchair , i,v tried to deal with them but they keep hanging up
    when i call .

  10. @julanenova i,m not a very fast driver anyway haha , but Zoie loves the
    extra trips i make now , and i can keep up to her when she bolts , but i,m
    getting mobbed every where i go , so that’s kind of unexpected . Thanks

  11. Hello!! this is the Xact mobility bike i am thinking of getting .. your
    video inspires me for my own mobility.. how does it hold up in winter? i am
    in NFLD .. so .. yes SNOW … lol so can you give me your honest opinion ?
    thank you

  12. Have you tried sideroads or trails that are not paved? I live in northern
    Ontario and many of our roads are packed gravel. I’m hoping the Rickshaw
    would allow me to go out with my husband when he takes our two dobermans
    for a run.

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