13 thoughts on “Solar-powered Elf: Rides like a bike, drives like a dream

  1. I hope one day we are all driving these kinds of vehicles… car companys
    are just greedy and want you to spend money on gas and new cars that have
    extra cup holders…I forget which company, but someone found out how to
    make a water powered car and the company kept offering more money to buy
    the plans for it, the guy gave in and the car company kept it in a safe´╗┐

    ZERO-NOISE from gears and generators since they’re sealed underground.
    SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS since the turbines are slow-moving. DOES NOT NEED
    TO OCCUPY A WIDER LANDSCAPE since the turbine can be very tall. MAY BE
    LOWER-COST since it can use parts of junked trucks and others. ELUDES
    HURRICANE FORCE since the blades automatically close. HELPS THE WIND ENERGY
    COMPANIES since it is FREE FOR ALL.

  3. What about cold weather conditions, cold weather in general and areas like
    Pittsburgh and WV that have MASSIVE hills would this be usable?

  4. Anything with a motor of any kind isnt allowed on rail trails here in
    Michigan. A shame because we have several and they stretch for miles upon
    miles. Still. I’d trade my car for one of these if I could afford it and on
    super bad winter days, I’d find my way to the bus stop.

  5. Great to see these kinds of vehicles becoming a reality, kudos on
    maximizing use of recycled materials, and I would really like one, but gawd
    can they do something about the body design? It’s both ugly and

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