any advice on motorized bicycle?

Trilo asked:

ANybody know about motorized bicycle: pls give me some tips on buying it.
My mates are going on a hiking trip, so i want to go with them. Becos of my heart condition i cannot hike alot. thats why im thinking of buying a motor kit to intall on to my bicycle. Since electric engines seems expensive, im thinking of petrol driven ones. what shud i look for?

ebay is selling 40cc or 80 cc engines, what does that mean? some engines are installed behind, some in the middle. which is better? any tips?

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One thought on “any advice on motorized bicycle?

  1. I have an electric engine on one of my bikes- 200w and fitted in the rear hub- and you have to consider that the initial expense is outweighed by the fact that they cost next to nothing to run whereas petrol is comparatively expensive so I wouldn’t dismiss them on cost grounds. The drawback of electric motors is limited range and I can only do about 22 miles on one charge but that’s adequate for my needs however the big advantage over petrol driven motors is that you need no mechanical expertise or extensive bike modifications. You just fit the wheel and a rack for carrying the battery.

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