hook up bicycle to my power outlet?

bastardperson asked:

is there a way i can lower my electric bill by hooking up a bicycle and trainer to my electric line. im going to train for 3hrs every day so i want my money’s worth

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2 thoughts on “hook up bicycle to my power outlet?

  1. Train in the dark it wont cost you anything,and if you are training 3hrs a Day you are going to spend more money on special dietary food to keep your body in good health

  2. Yes you can do it
    If you ride at a rate equivalent to 20 mph(on the road) you will generate around 200 watts of power if you do this for five hours you will generate about one kilowatt hour of energy. (Roughly 20 cents worth) so you will save about 80cents a week.

    Still interested?

    A simple generator you could probably put together for around 100 bucks.

    Still interested?

    Do a google or yahoo search on pedal generators you should come up with the helpful information.

    On the plus side you will also generate around 833 watts in heat.(If your body is about 24% efficient like most) so that will save you about $3.30 a week (if your running an electric heater)

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