Q&A: hybrid bikes?

Question by issella777: hybrid bikes?
I’m looking to buy a hybrid bike, but I’m a very short woman , I am 5 feet tall and want to know what would be the best option for me. Should I shop around until one “fits” or are their special bikes for short people?

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Answer by casual_rider
I’m five ft tall also. my bike is a 15 inch frame,
and you will be able to adjust the saddle, handlebars etc. on a good bike.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: hybrid bikes?

  1. Hi. Trek makes a women’s special design hybrid bike that is really awsome. You should research the 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 FX line. The top tube is sloped as to accomodate smaller people. And these bikes really keep up – mid/skinny tires, solid components, good on hills. Overall a great line of bikes. I have one as does my wife.

    Good luck.

  2. Most good manufacturers make a bike small enough for you, go to a good shop and they’ll size you, you’d be in the 14 to 15″ frame. Get them to set something up for you and test ride it to make sure you’re comfortable, the length has to feel good too.

  3. Not sure I understand the driese for lower to the ground . Lowering a bike via smaller wheels messes up pedal ground clearance. You can put slick or semislick tires on your mountain bike to improve rolling resistance, although that won’t change the height noticeably (a few millimeters at most .)Lowering the saddle will greatly reduce your pedalling efficiency and may cause your knees to explode if you ride any distance. Look at recumbent bikes if your fear of heights is that severe.

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