How To Make Mountain Biking Easy?

Andrew Caxton asked:

You will definitely agree with the fact that mountain biking is a very tedious sport & requires a lot of strength and stamina. But a revolutionary idea has changed it all. The idea is to install a motor and transform the regular bike into a motorized mountain bike. Getting and installing the motor is also not a big deal, so why not give it a try.

Making Your Own Motorized Mountain Bike

It is a fact that mountain biking as a sport requires a lot of strength and stamina. Not only does it give your body a complete workout, the adventure involved is worth taking the risk. Although this workout is good for you, there are times when it becomes too much on your body and at such times wishing for a mechanized mountain bike is not abnormal. Not everyone would prefer taking this easy way out, but in case you do, you might as well build a motorized mountain bike for your self.

Adding an electric motor to your mountain bike does not reduce the excitement and thrill at all. The only advantage of a motorized mountain bike is that it facilitates in covering a longer distance and ride uphill with ease. Now you see how easy it is to do the transformation, so go ahead and
Give it a try, until and unless you are totally ignorant to this concept.

Easy steps to making mountain biking fun

If you are under the impression that, adding a motor to your mountain bike will relieve you of all the hard work, you are wrong. The only advantage is that you can cover a longer and difficult distance with relative ease. But it’s advisable to maintain your current distance in the beginning.

Buying a 25ow to 500w electric motor with a kit should serve the purpose. It should cost you somewhere around 500$ to 800$, to start with you could purchase from some of the known manufacturers.

Installing these motors is not a difficult process it might hardly take an hour or so. All new motors come with a full kit including a manual, so all you have to do is to refer to the manual follow the process step by step and your motorized bike is ready.

The place to look for these motors

When you have decided to transform your regular mountain bike in to a motorized mountain bike, the next step is to decide from where you are purchasing the motor. Generally the local market offers a lot of options, but searching in other cities may help you to get good bargains. Its best if you go personally and check before buying the motor.

Purchasing through the net is also a good option. There are many reputed online websites like ebay who offer their services. Although there is a considerable risk involved in buying on the net, its guaranteed that you will get a good bargain.

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